After various meetings with shipping companies in Europe, the Panama Maritime Authority managed to obtain various scholarships so that Panamanian students can continue their studies abroad, among which are: two partial scholarships to carry out a maritime university career in the Republic of Cyprus , and upon completion they will be able to opt for their license as Officer In Charge Of Watch, five partial scholarships in Ukraine, to take «promotion courses» in a Maritime Training Center, authorized by the AMP and other scholarships to study in the culinary area , to opt for the Ship’s Cook Certificate license.

Similarly, one of the largest container shipping companies in the world, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC, for its acronym in English) granted five shipping opportunities to Panamanian seafarers, which will be managed through the Database of the DGGM that is administered by the Department of Maritime Labour Affairs, where all the documentation of the applicant requesting the shipment is received through the email Once the information is reviewed and it complies with the requirements, it is provided to the shipping companies so that they can carry out the interview and selection process that they require.

The AMP is focused on promoting the placement in the international maritime industry of Panamanian officers and cadets who have high-level professional training, competitiveness and who are at the forefront with the technological requirements that guarantee safe and reliable maritime transport, favoring the image of our country and the competence of our seafarers.