Passport and Visa

Every person traveling to Panama must be in possession of a passport valid for a minimum of three (3) months from the date of entry into Panama.

The holder of a French passport does not need a tourist visa and can stay in Panama for up to 90 days. Once in Panama, it is possible to extend the period in the migration offices.

Also, we invite you to look at the information on possible visas to live and work in Panama.

We invite you to consult the economic and tourist information to discover more on the Republic of Panama.

Traveling with Pets

The passenger must present before entering Panama, a certificate of good health of the animal issued and signed by an official veterinary of the French State. This certificate must be legalized at the Consulate General of Panama in Marseille or have an "apostille".

It is also essential to warn the airport in Panama at least 3 or 5 working days before landing of the animal. For these purposes, you must complete a Home Quarantine Request form and send it.

The cost of "Home Quarantine" is $ 130.00.

Food Importation

If you are going to bring food to Panama, be it for personal use, samples for evaluation, special events, donations, food for special diets, etc., please contact the AUPSA (Panamian Food Safety Authority).

You must first check that the food coming from France is on the list of plants and dairy establishments produced in France:
Download the list of approved milk and dairy product establishments [PDF - 815ko]

In addition, you must fill in a form on the AUPSA homepage. For this purpose, we recommend the following online guide:
Download the guide "Instructions for Completing the Form for Importing Food for Personal Use, for Samples for Evaluation, Special Events and Gifts" (in Spanish) [PDF - 2087 ko]

We warn you can only import food to Panama for personal consumption only 3 times a year and 5 kg maximum per shipment, if you fill out the form and if it is approved. If the application is not approved, you cannot import the food into the Republic of Panama.


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