The General Consulate of Panama in Marseille can issue Notary Certificates, Certificates of Proof of Life and Certificates of Custom.


The Notary Certificate

The Consular Office is responsible for the exercise of notarial functions. The exercise of these functions, according to the general rule corresponds to Consul, involves the exercise of public law under the same conditions as a public attorney in Panama.

The interested person can present an original document such as POWER OF ATTORNEY, BILL OF SALE... to be notarized at the Consulate General of Panama in Marseille. This process replaces the need for a local notary.

During a personal meeting, the interested party will present to the Consular all the evidence and documents justifying the certification. The original document must be signed in front of the Consul by the person indicated in the document.


The Certificate of Proof of Life

This procedure is done at General Consulate of Panama in Marseille in person. It serves to verify the existence of a person before the competent authorities. The document is given to retired Panamanian citizens living abroad or to foreigners retiring in Panama.

This procedure is free of charge.

Documents to submit:

  • The original and copy of your personal identity card and social security card.
  • Passport and personal identity card (only for foreigners).


request for a certificate of customThe Certificate ofCcustom

The General Consul of Panama in Marseille, in her function of attorney, the Certificate of Custom can be issued for the parties of marriage with Panamanian nationality.

This certificate precise that the person is single and meet the requirements of international law on marriage. The Consul also precise that there are no obstacles against the marriage.

The person concerned must make an appointment in advance at the Consulate and present himself in person with his passport, his Panamanian identity card, his Certificate proving being single, recently issued by the Civil Registry and the other documents requested. If the applicant does not have a recent Certificate proving being single, the Consul may request this document on behalf of the applicant.

This procedure may take approximately ten (10) business days.