AMP holds Annual Meeting with Recognized Organizations (ROS) and Recognized Security Organizations (RSOS).

PANAMA----August 05, 2021--- The Panama Maritime Authority that administers the Panama Ship Registry, held its annual meeting with the Recognized Organizations (ROs) and Recognized Protection Organizations (RPOs) responsible for the certification and regulatory services of Panama’s fleet.

The reunion --held both in person and virtually-- was attended by the 31 ROs and RSOs regional and operations managers from different countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia, who work with the Panamanian Administration.  The meeting’s objective was to keep the certification and regulatory services processes aligned with national and international regulations.

The meeting addressed the statistics of the fleet behavior and performance in the different Memoranda of Understanding (PSC MoU); the requirements related to the MLC Convention (2006) and the obligation to maintain the financial guarantees in force and valid on board required by the different Codes and Conventions of the IMO/ILO; the measures related to the control and monitoring of the existing fleet, as well as the processes related to due diligence and surveillance of the fleet. In addition to the International Safety Management Code (ISM), the civil liability of the Panamanian fleet and information related to statutory certificates, such as:

  • Certificate of Insurance or other financial security relating to Civil Liability arising out of Bunker Oil Pollution Damage, 2001 (BCC).
  • Certificate of Insurance or other financial security in respect of Wreck Removal (WRC).
  • Certificate of Insurance or other financial security in respect of Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage (CLC).
  • Certificate of Insurance or other financial guarantee in respect of liabilities for death or injury to passengers.

The Director General of the Merchant Marine, Rafael Cigarruista, explained the Reengineering and Modernization Program of the Panamanian Ship Registry, highlighting the advances in technology, statistical data of value for the participants, in terms of fleet conformation, type of vessels and division between new and existing vessels. The head of the Ship Registry also provided data on incidents and maritime accidents, which is a priority issue for this administration.

Representatives of Class NK, ABS and DNV made presentations on cybersecurity, decarbonization, alternative fuels and future technologies.

The Panamanian Administration observes a strict compliance of international standards, working closely with the ROs and RSOs.