The Panama Maritime Authority Held Meeting on the Ship Registry Re-Engineering


PANAMA----August 02, 2021--- The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) which is, through the Directorate General of Merchant Marine, responsible for managing the world's largest fleet, held a virtual and face-to-face meeting attended by more than 140 people directly related to the Ship Registry activities.

The conversation focused on the industry legal topics, the Registry’s re-engineering, depuration of the fleet, flagging requirements, due diligence, and other issues aiming at maintaining Panama leader in ship registration and being more competitive and efficient to respond to the international market’s demand.

"The objective of the meeting is to bring national and international actors, including the 53 private consulates of the Merchant Marine and Segumar’s regional offices, to understand and see the Panama Ship Registry’s techniques and methodologies that we are presently implementing," said Rafael Cigarruista, AMP’s General Director of Merchant Marine.

Law firms’ senior executives were pleased with the meeting that took in consideration their comments as it will contribute positively to a better and closer relationship with the institution since both parties have the same objective of increasing the fleet, provide greater customer satisfaction and generate more income to Panama.

The event was also attended by the AMP’s General Secretary, Elvia Bustavino, the AMP’s General Director of the Public Registry of Ship Ownership, Volney Guinard, the AMP’s Legal Counsel, Raúl Gutiérrez, representatives of the Panama Maritime Law Association (PMLA), Panama Chamber of Shipping, Panama Shipowners Association, among others.