The well-known web page specialized in Superyachts and yacht services, YACHTING PAGES, published in November 2018 the article called DESTINATION GUIDE FOR SUPERYACHTS: PANAMA, written by one of its editors, Mr. LARRY DAY.

The article presents Panama, as one fascinated destination to discover, especially on board of a luxury yacht. To drop anchor of your yacht in one of the marinas on Panamanian coasts or both sides, Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, in one day, crossing the Panama Canal, is the unique experience only possible if you choose the Panama as a destination.

Visit historical sites and discover the exuberant nature of the country, which are the tropical paradises, still virgin, as San Blas with its 365 isles of white sand and warm water, ideal for nautical activities almost all year long.

In addition to show the simply legal procedures when visiting the country, it also invites the Superyacht owners to choose the Panama Yacht Registry, to register their luxury vessel with easiness that offers and accessibility to do the procedures directly from the General Consulat of Panama in Marseille.

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