PANAMA CANAL – A Land Divided a World United

We are happy to present the official trailer of "PANAMA CANAL - A Land Divided to World United" produced by Gordon Bijelonic and dubbed by Morgan Freeman, that will have its first world premiere this fall 2018 in the IMAX 3D of the Panama Canal.

For the interview with La Estrella de Panama, Mr. Bijelonic confirmed "When we filmed the original Canal (2013) with helicopters there was a restriction of 1,500 feet, but the Canal gave us unprecedented access to record overflying the locks at only 5 meters (about 16 feet) above the water. When we returned to Panama in 2016, helicopters were no longer needed. We use a drone and a 3D camera to record the new locks. The interesting thing here is that this technology did not exist in 2013. It's amazing how fast the technology has advanced in this time. "

This movie about the Canal also includes information about the inauguration of the expansion that took place two years ago. We invite you to discover the trailer in this link: